I heart technology

As part of learning 2.0, I'm going to be trying a host of interesting and exciting tools on the web. These tools will allow for communities to share information in many different formats and create exciting new ways to communicate to many people. This exercise is a part of my work for the Yarra Plenty Regional Library Service (www.yrpl.vic.gov.au).

Monday, October 23, 2006


As a diversion from the Learning 2.0 syllabus, I'm posting about a tool that i'm in love with. Seriously. This is the most ingenious idea and service.

Who loves music?! I do...and I'm always on the search for new music based on bands and artists that I really dig.

Pandora makes this task EASY!


What Pandora lets you do is enter bands or artist that you really enjoy.....and creates radio stations based on the musical qualities of bands or artists you already like! I've discovered quite a few new artists that I like based on other artists.

Currently I have 11 radio stations:
- TV on the Radio
- Ghostface Killah
- Ministry
- Nelly Furtado
- The Pixies
- The Birthday Party
- Armand Van Helden
- DJ Shadow
- Shpongle
- Snoop Dog

Now I all need to do is make a CD wishlist with Amazon or the likes...because I've found new music I like.

If you've got a good internet connection, try Pandora...you'll seriously get hooked though!

Post 1 - Odeo

Welcome to my blog.

I can't be bothered listening to the lifelong learning steps because I'm actually more interested in finding out about ODEO - the guys who are hosting the audio for the 7 and 0.5 lifelong learning habits.

ODEO let you host any type of audio and share it. It's like a forum, but for audio. You can sign up for free and post any type of audi files - but very nicely you can also integrate with iTunes and podcast, very nifty. Company is based in california and one the guys who started odeo previously worked for Google -> on Blogger, funnily enough....this service! I'm actually excited about the webservice API...


It's cool because you can also link an audio player to your blog! Nifty.

Anyways I actually have to get to work now, books must be shelved!